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With energy costs on the rise and the environmental impact of energy consumption on everyone’s mind, it is more important than ever that your next new home be extremely energy efficient. There are a number of different things you can do in and around your home to make it more energy efficient, which will lead to reduced energy costs and a lower environmental footprint. The following blog post outlines some of the easiest ways to save on energy costs.

  1. You can purchase and install Energy Star certified appliances. Buying new appliances that are rated for the Energy Star qualification means that they will not only work great, but also save energy and money in the long run. Energy Star appliances are required to meet strict energy consumption guidelines, guaranteeing that you are getting a top of the line product that is extremely energy efficient.
  2. You can install energy efficient windows that are rated as Energy Star. Similar to the Energy Star appliance ratings listed above, Energy Star rated windows, doors, and skylights help insulate your home from energy loss. In the winter they will help insulate your home from heat loss and in the summer they will help keep the cool air inside. Energy Star windows, doors, and skylights utilize a unique three or four pane treated glass design, with spacers in between each layer filled with Krypton, which helps insulate. In addition to using high quality insulated windows and doors, it is a good idea to install window treatments to all glass in your home. The window treatment acts as an additional insulation shield to keep your home at the desired temperature, and blocks UV rays from entering your home during the hot summer months. The type of blinds known as honeycomb blinds or waffle blinds are especially good at adding insulation to your home.
  3. Be sure that your new home builder installs the proper amount of insulation in the walls. This will help with energy loss through the walls and floors themselves. Fluffy fiberglass insulation has long been the popular, easy, and inexpensive option to insulate exterior walls in your home. Another insulation option that is growing in popularity is spray foam insulation, which is typically a combination of isocyanate and polyol resin. The mixture is then blasted into all seams and joints in the exterior walls of the home.
  4. You should install energy efficient lighting in your custom new home. Energy efficiency in lighting has increased significantly over the last two decades, and home lighting is getting more and more efficient every day. Compact florescent light bulbs are seventy five percent more efficient than traditional incandescent light bulbs. Replacing all the bulbs in your home with compact florescent bulbs is a cost efficient way of making your lighting more efficient. If you wish to take it a step further, ultra high efficiency LED or light emitting diodes bulbs are available at increasingly competitive prices.
  5. Install motion sensor lights in pantries, closets, and outdoors. This will ensure that closet and pantry lights do not get left on when they are not being used, reducing energy consumption. Motion sensor exterior lights are a great idea for security, and make it easier to increase outdoor lighting without the heavy energy bill.