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My nonprofit recently launched a new website and I have to say that it is miles better than the last.  The thing that I like about the new website is that it is well designed and offers quite a bit of information about my nonprofit. It also is an opportunity for us to invite more and more people to join our efforts in the community.  As a nonprofit, we have to rely on our own fundraising sources to drive people to our organization.  A great way for us to do that is through the development of a narrative that people can attach themselves to.  It is not all that common for a nonprofit to be extremely visible in the community, but I have to say that it is a pleasure to work with one that has such a high visibility.  One of the things that I really like about the nonprofit at which I am working is that we are constantly looking inward to see if we are doing things as well as they can be done.  It is a huge opportunity for us to develop a better understanding of the needs in the community and I feel as if we are constantly striving for that opportunity.  One of the reasons why we are able to do this is through the development of a nonprofit marketing plan to increase our visibility in the community 

non profit seoThat is where much of the new website came from and also our ability to post things on social media.  We view social media as a great way to attract new people to our nonprofit.  There are so many different organizations out there, we need to be able to set ourselves apart from what really is competition, even though we are trying to extend the same opportunities in the community.  A great way to look at how we are trying to attract more people would be to view it through the lens of accessibility.  If we are striving to be more accessible to people in the community, then we need to view ourselves through the opportunity for people to find us.  A great way for individuals to connect with a nonprofit would be through searching on Google.  If a person does that, chances they are going to click on a nonprofit toward the top of the search results.  That is arationale for us using a SEO firm to help with our marketing.

It makes a lot of sense for us to ensure that we are linked with certain issues and I think that it will help us out tremendously to be more visible through the Google search results.  I know many other companies are doing the same, so for us to do it with a nonprofit, there is a very good reason for us to be excited about the potential results.  I would be very interested to see how we might be able to translate that into future investments.  I am personally very excited about those opportunities for us as an organization.