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Narrowing Down Office Space Choices

August 17th, 2016 / / categories: 31, office space /

Choosing an office space for your business can be overwhelming. You have the option to go for a direct lease, a sublease, going for a space that is shared by other businesses, and a number of other different options. In addition to so many choices, there are also a number of factors to take note of when choosing a space for your business to settle in. Factors like the cost of renting the space, the size of the area, the location, and a number of others. With so much information to take note of in looking for an office how can one make it easier to narrow down his choices for an office? Well here we will take a look at important factors and criteria for you to use to help lessen the number of choices.

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So the first thing that we will focus on is the term of the lease. Take note that the longer the term of the lease is, the more choices will be available to you. But imagine that you already signed for a five year lease and you find that the office space you get does not meet the needs of your business as the years go on. This is a common problem for startup businesses that don’t have the right people to work with and lack the needed knowledge and understanding in real estate.

What I would recommend is to get a professional to represent you the tenant. Professionals like a real estate broker who will communicate to the landlord and the manager of the property your concerns. Having a real estate attorney can also help you with the lease. You may find that with the drafts of the lease, it doesn’t taken into consideration the needs or capabilities of the tenant. Having some legal help can help you get through any problems and also make it so that you can negotiate to have the lease more flexible.

Next you should take a look at the pricing and costs of the office space. What most businesses usually do is they look at the price of the space by focusing on how much it would cost to rent the space per square foot. It would be better to determine the budget up front taking into consideration the entire rent and other costs related to the office. Make sure you take note of the cost of the parking, the electricity and water, the janitorial services, improvements, the insurance, the furniture and other fees.

Now you should also take a look at the layout of the office. Even if the price per square foot is the same, no two office spaces are the same. It is important to note that offices that have a rectangular area are more efficient and is capable of housing more employees compared to office spaces that have a space layout that is round or has corners that are angled. It is important that you take a look at how laid out the space is and make sure that such will support the needs of your business.