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If you have listened to the news at all in the past year or so then you are sure to have heard of the new trend in the country of purchasing fresh produce from an

online farmers market, which is then delivered to your home, or restaurant. The popularity of these produce delivery sites has been climbing steadily over the last few years, and in just the previous six months they have begun to do a huge amount of business. Sites like have blown up almost overnight. Many smaller online fresh produce sellers have gone from having just a few dozen clients, to operating across different states for thousands of private homes and restaurants alike. With all the attention that these online markets have started to receive, it is no wonder that they have become the focus of a lot media attention. The conversation about how online farmers markets could have a very positive effect on the lives of Americans has been a popular one in recent times.  Here are some of the ways that it is hoped easier access to fresh produce can help the nation.

Many people within the industry believe that as the online farmers markets grow in popularity the number of small farmers that are producing organic produce will rise drastically. Organic produce delivery is one of the most popularly used items of online produce markets. Organic produce has received a lot of attention on its own in recent years as people have begun to grow more cautious with the foods they eat. Organic farming is good for American, and it is good for Americans. Organic farms have a very low impact on the environment as they use no chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and that means that farm lands have longer life spans when they are used to grow organic produce. Organic farms also require less capital to get off the ground than a large, industrial style farm, so a much wider spectrum of people could find work creating their own organic farm. By the end of last year, there were a reported, 90 thousand new organic farms in their country, employing a little over 200 thousand people. Contributing to the increase in jobs for Americans and helping to create farmlands that will last longer and have a lower impact on the environment are two amazing ways that organic farms that supply online farmers markets have been able to help improve life in this country, and the list goes on.

Of course, probably the most obvious of all of the positive effects that the new online farmers markets could have on the country is their ability to get people to start eating more healthily. There are a great many people in the country that don’t have the time to drive down to the local farmers market each day and get their fresh, organic produce. However, most people find ordering their fruits and vegetables off the internet very simple. The whole nation has taken into consideration the need for better dietary habits, and the new online farmer’s market craze may be key in getting this country to eat better.