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If you have ever lived in the south, you know how intense the cock roaches can be down there. We are not talking about the tiny little brown ones that can be bothersome and rodent control gross, but we are talking about the huge juicy ones that starred in the end of Men In Black in the 90s. That is the kind of cock roach I am talking about. They mean it when they say these bugs are going survive the apocalypse, they are persevering and utterly disgusting. It will be fitting for them to survive indeed. That is why when you are wanting to get rid of these less than desirable bugs, it’s best to call in the experts to help you take care of it. That is why you can give Early Bird Pest Control a call and have them take care of your cock roach problem. Based in San Antonio, Texas, they understand what it can be like to have your home crawling with cockroaches and they will take their knowledge and use it in such a way that you won’t have to worry about these creatures bothering you in your home any longer. Not only do they eradicated cock roaches in your home but they also specialize in animal removal and bed bug control.

When I was growing up in Texas, my poor mother’s home was always literally crawling with cock roaches. I have a friend who was incredibly grossed out and afraid of cock roaches and she would shudder at coming over to my house. There was one evening where this cock roach literally flew across the room at her and tried to land directly on her face. I think it is fair to say that she completely freaked out and wasn’t willing to come back over to my mom’s house again for some time after that. Calling a company like Early Bird Pest Control can be very important so that your guests feel safe coming over to your house. You definitely want to make sure that individuals feel comfortable being in your space and if they are afraid of cock roaches flying at their face, they might feel significantly less than comfortable.

I will never forget the night that my best friend from high school and her boyfriend came over to my mom’s house. He was a big man and older than both of us, he was out of high school and had a job renting out movies. There was a gigantic cock roach crawling across the wall and without thinking, he threw his hand against the wall and flesh to bug he squashed that thing with all of his might. To me, that completely grossed me out and made me feel sick. To my friend, it really got her engines going. I guess she didn’t have to worry about being protected by him. Though his methods were noble, in the future I am going to stick with calling a pest control company like Early Bird that will ensure each pest is gone from my home.