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The local high school yearbook committee is actually a class. Students sign up at the beginning of the year if they want to work on the yearbook, and they spend the entire year meeting three times per week to help write, take photographs, and organize and edit the layout of the yearbook to be printed at the end of the year. The students do the indexing of photographs, write the articles, and deal directly with the publisher in negotiations. They are also taught the importance of proper spelling and grammar since their language and photographs are forever printed into words that their classmates will take with them for the rest of their lives.

Some of the students join the class because they like to write, and are assigned to do interviews with students, teachers, and write about events such as big sports games or prom. Others like to take photographs and help document those same events. They take group shots of the different sports teams and pick the best photographs to ultimately end up in the yearbook. Each student gets their own individual senior portraits taken but the students in the class help organize the layout and the information that belongs with each senior’s photograph.

This year’s yearbook class decided they wanted to do something special to provide them with more photographs to put in the yearbook that were not just the traditional shots of students on the field or in the pool or winning contests. At the holiday dance the yearbook committee surprised their fellow classmates with a photobooth rental which included props for them to take lots of cute pictures with. It was a hugely popular success, and the rental photo booth left the committee with hundreds of additional pictures to pore through and decide whether to include in the yearbook. Ultimately they made it its own section and shrank some of the photographs down so as to include more of them. The several pages at the end of the yearbook dedicated to the photographs from the rental photo booth were some of the most popular and talked about, and everyone wanted their yearbooks signed on those pages.

The yearbook committee had come up with the idea because someone’s older sibling had rented a photo booth for their wedding and the guests had loved it. Translating the idea into the high school holiday party was actually quite simple and resulted in some of the best photographs of the year. People were relaxed and while not candid, seemed to enjoy the opportunity to goof off and had genuine smiles in every picture. The poses ranged from cute to fake serious to kissing faces at the camera, and in all, came out wonderfully. The quality and quantity were so good that they ended up dominating that year’s publication. I cannot say for sure but I imagine future years will again turn to this as an idea to get some more excellent photographs of their classmates. The yearbook is several extra pages long this year because of it.

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