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  1. Make sure that your property manager has a contract which indicates clearly his authority over different community association processes. In the world of property managements, the contract is always the one thing that you can rely on when things get complicated. There is no singular article which can save us from so much difficulty as the property manager’s contract. There may be some key difference between the expectations of one property manager working under one community comity and the next, so the contract which stipulates what powers the manger does and does not have is crucial for both interested parties. In general, the main duties of a property manager include three main areas. The first area is the organization of comity meetings for the comity and its extended members, such as lawyers and company representatives. Organizing meetings is a huge part of the comity manger’s responsibility and one thing which keeps them busy throughout the year. The second area which almost exclusively attended to by the property manager or management team is the duty of filing legal documentation when a home or person has had an eviction notice placed on them. If a person ceases to pay their bills, actions may be taken to evict that person from their residence, through, if the proper steps are not carried out, eviction can become little more than an abstract term for the community board. The last main area of responsibility for the property manager is overseeing the budget planning for the year. Budget planning is a serious business when it comes to the money that is given to a community association management board each year. If the company funds are to be managed efficiently and clearly, it is vital that only one person be in charge of putting together the budget. The budget plan can then be presented to the board for approval by the general staff. All three of these items should be written out clearly in the property manger’s contract under the stipulations for his or her duties.
  2. Always have the property manger take part in all community meetings, official and otherwise. Being an active part of the community groups is a giant part of being a good property manager. By taking part in all possible community activities, the property manager is creating powerful ties with the people who make life easy or difficult for the board of directors in the end. A property manager who has a solid working relationship throughout all levels of the community and its managements is more effective than one who tries to dictate how things should be from behind his desk. The better liked, and the better know a property manager s by the people, ultimately the more pull he will have in the community.
  3. Always be on time! Property managers have a very bad reputation for falling behind on commitment deadlines. One easy way for property manager to maintain the respect of the board and the community is to stay within the project deadlines as much as possible. Although the planning and implication of projects for large groups of people is very difficult, if nothing else the project manager should set more realistic timeframes for himself to avoid potential tardiness issues.