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QuiltsHobbies are a great way to pass the time, but they can also help you to develop valuable skills.  Hobbies that enable you to create something yourself are great because finding anything homemade is becoming harder and harder to do.  It is very rewarding to be able to use something that you created.  That is why quilting is such a remarkable craft.  Quilters can create beautiful yet useful pieces of art.  Quilts can be remarkably complex or relatively simple, but the basic concept remains the same.  They are fairly thick blankets that are sewn out of many patches of fabric.  They are both functional and artistic, but some quilts favor either functionality or artistry more.  For example, some people create quilts that are strictly meant to be hung on the wall and not used.  On the other hand, some quilters legitimately want their quilts to be used.  Either point of view is understandable.  On the one hand, it is natural to want your art to be valued for its own sake.  However, it is also nice to know that someone is getting practical use out of something you made.  Whichever approach you have to quilting, you should feel good about it.  In fact, some quilters make both types of quilts.  My grandmother was a quilter, and she made smaller quilts that she hung on the wall.  She also made larger functional quilts, too.  I still use one of those quilts on occasion.  The other thing I learned about quilting from my grandmother was the fact that there are a lot of people out there who are very serious about quilting.  She and some of her friends were in a quilting group together.  Sometimes she would even enter her quilts into the county fair or other local competitions.  This is a common practice across the country.  If you want to see some really impressive examples of quilting, you should take a trip to one of these competitions.  Another place to learn more about quilting is your local fabric store.  More often than not, the people who work at fabric stores sew themselves.  Many of them probably know at least a little bit about quilting.  They can help you figure out what supplies you need to get started.  If you are a beginning quilter, you may want to find a quilting book to help you learn some of the basics.  If you prefer learning with others, you can take a quilting class.  This also gives you the opportunity to ask questions, which can be very beneficial to the learning process.  Before you can start your quilt, you need to make sure that you have all the essential tools.  First of all, you need a sewing machine.  Of course, it is possible to sew your quilts by hand, but it takes much longer than using a sewing machine, which is already a very painstaking process.  For a beginner, especially, it is recommended that you get a sewing machine.  Once you have one and all your other quilting supplies, you will be ready to get started.