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Now that the strong and heavy winter is behind us and we are entering spring, all I have been thinking about it how I want to put some time and effort into the house before summer hits. I love to sit out in the sun in the evenings after work during the summer, and I don’t want to be bothered with home improvement projects as much as I am willing to be in the spring. So, the first thing we are taking on will be the replacement windows that we have decided to take care of this year. It has been several years coming, as we have looked at our windows each summer and talked about our need to replace them. But the initial cost of replacing windows, as well as all the effort that it takes to remove the old ones and install the new ones, has kept us from really taking on the project. But it has gotten to the point where this is the project that is always at the top of the list whenever we talk about what needs to be done. So, we can’t ignore the replacement windows any longer, we have to just get them taken care of and then move on to something else. Because we still have several other projects that we need to get taken care of this spring, for sure we want to redo some of the landscaping that is out in the back yard and the front yard walk that goes up to the front door. We need to replace a few sections of the fence on the side yard that isn’t holding up under the heavy winter snow too well. And there are other smaller things that we can tackle on the weekends all summer long. But the biggest project this year will certainly be the replacement windows, and so we want to get working on that and take care of it before we forget it for another year. The project is not only really big, but its going to be somewhat expensive as well. This is why its really important that we just bite the bullet and get it taken care of now. Because then next year we can put that same money into something else, and replacement windows won’t be on the list anymore, we can just forget about them and enjoy the new efficient windows. If we keep waiting, we are probably going to start losing panes, or we are going to just keep losing money on our electricity bill from all the heat that goes out in the winter and the heat that comes in during the summer. We are sick of the cold draft that we get near the windows in the winter, and the accumulation of condensation that happens whenever it is snowing or icy outside. So, we are going to start this spring season off with the replacement window project. And then move on to enjoying time in the back yard in the summer evenings, and that can’t come soon enough.

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