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  1. A site that makes it easy for customers to find the restaurant locations. If you were to start checking out different websites for restaurants on the internet today, you would probably be amazed by how many of those sites don’t clearly indicate where their location is. Some sites may have a very small spot at the bottom of the page that indicates address, but not all potential clients have the patience to get out a magnifying class and try and read the tiny print. There are also some websites for restaurants which completely neglect to include their address. People are puzzled when a restaurant doesn’t have the address on the site and most likely end up believing that the location is not yet open, or that it is so exclusive that they are just better off staying away from it. Using a professional web design company, such as is smart because these types of companies are experts in keeping track of all the little details involved in the construction of a quality website. It may seem unthinkable that a company would forget a thing like the company address, but that and a million other things are very easy to leave out of a restaurant website when the person building it is lacking experience. On top of small details like the vital information needed for a site to function properly, the online ad agencies also help with things like restaurant seo, so your restaurants is always getting the attention it needs to keep drawing in new customers from the web to your actual location.
  2. Restaurant marketing online needs to be placed in tight with social media. Social media is one of the most popular channels used for people to find out about new places to eat in their communities. Most online restaurant sites fail to include links from and to social media. There are a number of very popular web pages online today which focus on places to eat. These sites have social media boards where people can post their thoughts about different restaurants, talk about prices and atmosphere, almost anything. If your restaurant doesn’t have the recognition on social media sites that you would hope it does, then you can always hire a private blogger, or social media buff to help you get your name out there in the mix. Social media may be not only one of the most effective methods you have for advertising your restaurant, it may also be one of the cheapest.
  3. Include daily pictures of the menu on your website. People love to be able to go online and look at what a restaurant is serving on any particular day of the week. Clients may get in the habit of checking out your menu every day, and of course this will lead to more frequent instances when folks get pulled in just to taste the amazing food they saw online. You don’t need to hire a professional photographer to photograph you menu every day, you or another staff member can do it, but do make sure the pictures are a good representation of the food served.