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When people begin to think about selling their home, they think about ways that they can make their home more appealing to a potential buyer. This is important to do otherwise your home could end up being on the market for months or even years. If you are hoping to get the price you want and sell the home in a reasonable amount of time, you will want to make some improvements to your home to add value and make it more appealing to a potential buyer.

Roofing contractors agree that installing a new roof in your home can exponentially increase your homes value. An old, leaky roof is a factor that will drive away any potential buyer. Having a new roof that will not need repairs for many years will draw in buyers and make your home more attractive then others.

  • Roof repairs can be expensive: Yes, replacing a roof and repairing a roof can be expensive, but if you eat this cost rather than putting it on the potential buyer, you will end up getting more money for your home and it will sell quicker. It’s much easier to sell a home with a new roof, then to sell a home, which might need a new roof in 3-5 years. Paying for a new roof yourself will mean you can charge more for your home, so even though you will have a large upfront cost, you will make that money back plus some in the sale of your home.
  • Roof repairs are inconvenient: Nobody wants to buy a home and begin thinking immediately about home improvement. While they may have some ideas for renovations, most people will not have a budget for that for several years. Also, roofing repairs and replacement can be very inconvenient. People who buy a new home want to enjoy the home, not have roofers over right away to fix holes and repair their roof.
  • New roofs look nice: One top way to ensure that your home sells quickly is to make sure it is visually appealing. This is achieved in many ways. Obviously, having a clean house helps. Many people also apply a new coat of paint to walls and cabinets, which can get worn out or dirty over the years. People also arrange their furniture nicely and take other steps to make their home look like a place a potential buyer would want to live. A nice new roof will be one of the first things people notice when they arrive at your home.
  • New roofs means that people do not need to worry: Having a new roof means that they buyer does not need to worry. They will know that they do not face the risk of leaks during winter months, and that the roof will not need replacement for many years. Purchasing a home is a big commitment, and knowing that the home is up to date with its maintenance will be a huge factor in their decision to purchase.

roofing contractorsOne of the most significant factors that affects the overall condition of your home is the roof.  If your roof is not in good condition, it will not be long before the rest of your house falls into disrepair.  Keeping your roof in good condition is not terribly difficult, though.  One of the most important yet easy ways to take care of your roof is to get it inspected frequently.  By having experienced roofing contractors inspect your roof for damage at least once a year, you can help prevent serious damage from occurring.  There are a few obvious reasons why roofs are so susceptible to damage.  For one thing, they are the most exposed portion of your house.  They have to withstand all the bad weather that you want to keep out of your house, such as snow, rain, and hail.  Unfortunately, no matter how well-installled and new your roofing is, it is still at risk for damage in certain weather conditions. Hail is one of the most obvious example of weather that can be harmful to a roof.  Because hail consists of tiny chunks of ice which fall from the sky, it is not hard to see how they could wreak havoc on a roof.  Hailstorms with very large hailstones are especially destructive.  In some extreme cases, you may have to repair or replace your roof after one significant hailstorm.  If you are not willing to get your roof inspected after every single hailstorm, you should still get a yearly roof inspection.  If you insist on only getting one per year, it is probably best to get one after hail season is over.  That way, you do not run the risk of another hailstorm destroying your roofing after you got the inspection.  Wintertime is not always quite as bad for your roof as hail season, but it is certainly a close contender. This is because during the winter, snow and ice can accumulate in large quantities on your roof.  In many cases, the weight of all that snow and ice alone is enough to damage your roof.  If your gutters freeze, the situation may be even worse.  Due to the heat coming from your house, some of the water on your roof will melt, even if it is below freezing.  If the gutters are blocked, that water has nowhere to go.  If you have a small crack in your roof, water will begin to seep in and will continue to do so until there is no more snow on your roof.  As you may be aware if you live in a temperate region, snow can stay on a roof for weeks or even months at a time.  This is way too long to deal with a troublesome roof leak. You can try to get it repaired in the winter, but it can be difficult to do if the snow and ice is bad enough.  In general, it is much better for both you and the roofers to have the repairs done before winter starts, though.