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It is high time that we moved our investment portfolio into energy, specifically into oil and natural gas shales. The profits to be made from royalty investing in the energy sector are not only solid for today, but they also grow along side the increasing value of the oil and natural gas shales that are funding them. ┬áThe way that this method works is that mineral rights owners are now able to more accurately determine the worth and value of their minerals under the ground, as we have access to much more detailed and specific reports about the size and volume of what is being housed in these under ground shales. So it is possible to always be sure that you are realizing the full amount on your investment, and that you are also trending up, as the value of the oil and natural gas trends up. The royalty investing is becoming more and more popular, and eventually there won’t be anything left in the market as it will all be owned for perpetual income and payments. The royalties in the future may not be predictable, as so much depends on the costs of refining the oil, how much is coming in from other parts of the world, what the domestic demand is for that energy, and even the weather. So we are not able to predict what the demand and there fore the cost of energy will be in the future, but we do know that we will continue to need energy, and right now oil and natural gas are the best methods that we know of to obtain that energy. So these royalty investments are not going away, and the royalties are guaranteed to be a major source of income for as long as there is a demand for gas and energy. ┬áMoving our investments out of the real estate market has been a good decision for us, as we have no way of predicting how well that market will continue to do. We have witnessed the bottom drop out of the real estate market in several areas around the country and not return at all. So removing our risk from that investment pool is likely a good idea. The investment in land is also unsteady, but less so than the real estate market. Investing in stocks and bonds has always been risky, and it is possible to lose any perpetual income there may have been in the high years. We are looking for a less risky and more income generating investment at this point, and so royalty investing seems like the best method to obtain that. Because we can be sure that we will continue to draw in funds from those royalties on the minerals, we won’t be worried about losing that source of income. As long as there is a need for and a demand for energy, there will always be royalties to be made from the mineral rights that are leased out for the royalties. We are moving into this space, and its going to be a great investment.

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