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A Review on Rubber Mulch

July 27th, 2015 / / categories: 31, rubber mulch /

Organic mulch has been used for some time now, but there is a new option to take its place. Rubber mulch can not only be layered in gardens, but playgrounds and parks as well. When the product was introduced, many environmentalists, safety experts, and the like questioned the use of such a product. The mulch is created by shredding used tires and rubber materials and grinding them to small pieces. This cuts down the use of trees and reuses materials which would have otherwise ended up in garbage dumps and landfills. Rubber mulch has both advantages and disadvantages, and it’s still a debate on whether it is beneficial or harmful. There has been so much research done already, and there seems to be no distinct result. While that is going on, the market for the product still grows.

playground rubber mulch

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Use on playgrounds – Reports say that over two-hundred thousand children hurt themselves after falling off the equipment in playgrounds. This makes it a concern to be tackled. The concrete surface is too hard and can really hurt kids if they fall on it. This is where rubber mulch comes in. If the mulch is layered out properly on the surface, it can cushion the fall of the children. Rubber mulch manufacturers say that a good 6 inch layer can cushion a fall from even 16 feet high. In addition to that, rubber mulch needs very low maintenance and only needs replacement after 10 years.

Use for landscaping – Rubber mulch is a smart choice for landscaping since it can last very long compared to organic mulches. It can also do a great job of controlling any weed growth within the area. Another benefit it can give is that water easily drains through it and go to the soil. Since it doesn’t decompose, it doesn’t attract any unwanted insects and other animals that are drawn to the scent of decomposing wood. During any harsh weather (hot or cold), the soil can be protected and insulated by rubber mulch.

Expenses – If you compare the price of rubber mulch to organic mulch per bag, you’ll find that rubber mulch is more expensive. But if you think of it in the long run, organic mulch needs to be re-applied often. This will make you spend more. So if you want to save over the years, consider using rubber mulch. The reason why wood mulch needs replacement often is that is losses its look due to decomposition. But with rubber, it stays because it doesn’t decompose and you spend less.

Safety precautions – If you are considering using rubber mulch, make sure you take some precautions. Although rubber mulch has not yet been proven to be harmful to our health, it is quite flammable. Check if your area sis prone to fires and the like. If it is, and you want to use rubber mulch, make sure there is a good distance between the edge of the layer and the nearest building. This is to make it safe in the situation where there will be a fire.