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When you have pets you know it can be quite the challenge cleaning up after them especially when they do their business on your newly bought carpet. But don’t worry, here you can find the solution to your carpet cleaning problems. Both fresh, wet stains and dry, set stains are elaborated here.

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If you are cleaning a stain that is new and still wet:

  • Make sure that you get as much of the urine soaked up from the soiled area. You can do this with paper towels and newspapers. If much of the wet mess is soaked up from the carpet, it will be easier to finish the clean up and eliminate the odor. Using the paper towels, lay out a layer on the area and top it with some newspapers. This padding will be used to soak up the mess and it would help standing on the padding to get as much urine out as possible. Use new padding until you can’t remove any moisture anymore.
  • With the used padding, you can train your pet to relieve himself on the right areas. Place the padding soaked with urine on the areas where your pet should really do his business (liter box, outdoor yard). This will teach him that he should only urinate there and not anywhere else.
  • Rinse the soiled area using clean water and do it thoroughly. Once you are finished rinsing, dry up all the water with the help of a wet vacuum or simply blotting away the moisture.

When you are dealing with stains that have dried onto the carpet:

  • You might want to go rent a wet vacuum or an extractor to help you remove every trace of stain that is set on the carpet. You can find these machines at a hardware store. Similar to a regular vacuum carpet cleaner, these machines are quite economical and efficient at doing their job. What a wet vacuum or an extractor does is it flushes in clean water to the stained area and flushes out the dirty water that has passed through the stain. Make sure to read and understand the manual before using and never make use of chemicals. Plain water will do just fine.
  • Buy a good pet odor neutralizer. When you deem the area to be really clean, go to your local pet supply store and grab an odor neutralizer. Take note of the instructions and apply it to the carpet. Try testing it if stains first.
  • Use a good rug cleaning stain remover. When you are finished cleaning but there is still a stain, use a stain remover.
  • Don’t resort to cleaning chemicals. Though you may not smell it that much, these will irritate your pet’s nose and force them even further to mark the area again.
  • In severe cases, you will need to go through the padding of the carpet if the stain has gone through there. This may take a while but it will be worth it.

Now that you know how to clean stains, you don’t have to worry about a thing.