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Locksmith Marketing Gurus offers different kinds of services for digital marketing. They provide locksmith web design services, locksmith marketing services and locksmith SEO services, to name a few.  In the digital world today, everyone seems to be doing their own social media campaign like search engine optimization or also known as SEO. Hence everyone is doing it and a lot are also committing mistakes on how they do their search engine optimization.

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Here are five common mistakes that businesses do on their SEO that you can avoid doing:

Avoiding Analytics

If you are doing search engine optimization, it is not easy to keep up with what other companies are doing. Search engine optimization supposedly will help your website increase its visibility and traffic that may lead into sales conversion. Because of this, avoiding analytics will be a great mistake. Analytics are there to help you check and balance the results of your search engine optimization. This can help you know which part of your website is of great help to your web visitors and which part is not so you can optimize more your website. Setting weekly conversion goals and gathering weekly reports can be a good start. Never fail to use analytics because that can put you behind your competitors.

Duplicate Content

This mistake has been playing around all along. This causes the problem of slowing the traffic to your website because if you have a duplicate content, it can lower the ranking and visibility of your website. This is also one of the most challenging parts of doing search engine optimization. This mistake is very common on new sites. The sooner you find a technical resource team to act on it the better. The faster you minimize and control this mistake, the better it will be for your organic traffic .

Poor Content

Google has changed its algorithm on valuing more on the content of the material rather just relying on the use of keywords alone. This is very beneficial to writers and newbie writers on this field to do better with their piece of content writing. The longer your content the better because you can expound more the topic that you are talking and though the content is the most important thing on the value or ranking, longer contents has higher possibility for your to use very useful keywords to help increase visibility when being searched.

Not Using the Right Keywords

Keywords used and the content that you are writing should match. This is a common mistake that some people do when making their content. Showering the work with keywords that is out of line with what they are writing. Proper keyword research should be done and good writing to partner it with creating a good value content that you can share to your audience.

Hiring a Low Standard SEO Company Provider

As mentioned on some common mistakes above, hiring a good SEO provider can be of great help for you to avoid these mistakes. It is a shame that you will be paying for a company to handle your SEO yet you might still be committing the same mistakes mentioned above. Always search and go for reputable, trusted and certified companies on dealing with this kind of digital marketing.