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custome window coveringsYour child deserves to have a great looking room. One important part of this is having window coverings that can provide protection from the sun as well as a fun look that your child will enjoy. There are lots of options when it comes to window shades, but not all of them are appropriate for children, so it can be very important to do some research as to what are the best options. If you are planning on remodeling a child’s room, we have some suggestions when it comes to window coverings.

  • Go Cordless: Depending on how old your child is, having cords on the shades could be dangerous. There have been cases of children getting stuck or tangled in them so choosing options that do not have cords or dangling strings of any kind is a good idea. There are a number of options you can choose, with some of them using a kind of wand instead of a cord. Roller shades are also great, since they have no dangling strings or cords, either.
  • Colorful: Children need lots of color. A good choice for a bedroom is blue, because it can be calming and can help them get to sleep, so consider blinds or shades in tones of blue.There are also options with prints made especially for kids. These can have cartoon characters printed on them, or beautiful landscapes. There are some even with the solar system printed on them!
  • Durable: Children tend to play with everything around them, which will mean that they will also try to play with curtains or shades. Many people choose not to hang curtains for this reason, since a child can tug on them and fray them. Choose shades that are easy to clean and that do not require special care. Stains can happen with a kid in the house, so the last thing you need is to have to take curtains to the dry cleaner every other week!
  • Effective: Sun rays can damage furniture and can be harmful to skin. This is why you need window coverings that really work. Choose options that have UV filters for the best results, and there are even adhesives you can add to the window pane itself to filter out harmful rays. If you want to ensure that they can still get light into the room, choose roller shades made of light materials.

You want your child’s room to be as welcoming and comfortable as possible. The window blinds you choose for this room should be child proof, which means no dangling cords or strings, and they should be able to withstand stains and other damage. Speak with an expert like those at East Greenbush Window Coverings to ask them about their suggestions for children’s rooms. Choose something effective when it comes to keeping out harmful sun rays but also something colorful and fun that your child will love. This is the finishing touch to any room, so why not make it a beautiful and exciting one?

Over the past decade there has been a huge boom in the number of companies that have started to make all sorts of different window treatments. There are no shortages of small, trendy design companies that are leading the market in very high-end window coverings. There are also a massive number of new, large scale window coverings manufacturers that have entered the window covering market, looking to give the old industry giants, such as Hunter Douglas Shutters, a run for their money. The popularity of window coverings seems to be at an all time high, as the focus of much of modern home design attention, and the number of companies producing window coverings is also growing. Below we take a look at three possible reasons for the boom in the window covering sector.

  1. Online window covering dealers like are making it easier for people that don’t like to shop for home accessories, to get the window coverings they need. There are a lot of people that love fixing their homes up, but just hate to do the shopping needed to get what they need for their home renovation. Lots of people have a big problem with spending their day walking around a home improvement center, trying to figure out what they want to buy for their homes, especially when it comes to an area like window treatments, where there can be so many choices to choose from, the task be understandably daunting. Since there are now tons of online sites that allow for people to shop from their homes, removing much of the pressure and frustration which can come with shopping at stores, more people than ever are getting window coverings, and more companies than ever are supplying them.
  2. Another cause in the window covering boom is the vast number of smaller window covering suppliers that exist out there today. It used to be that if you wanted a set of shades, you only had a few different places to choose from to make your purpose. Since window coverings have become so trendy, the number of smaller suppliers has started to grow rapidly with each passing year. The fact that many small suppliers have gotten in on the game means that there are tons of new kinds of window coverings on the market, making it possible for every person to get exactly what they want. The smaller window treatment makers have even gone so far as to offer fully custom window coverings to their clients. For a little extra money, today’s window covering shopper can sit down with a designer and draw up the exact window coverings that they want for their homes. The homeowner can decide what type of material they want used, as well as having them fir to the exact specifications of their windows.
  3. Window coverings are now made from very low cost materials, making it easier for everyone to afford window coverings. While there have always been options for people to buy window coverings that didn’t have a ton of money, today there are window coverings being made from low cost plastics which make window coverings even more affordable than ever before.



blindsEveryone should experience the thrill of decorating their own home.  Too many of our waking hours are spent in environments designed and decorated by other people, and your home is the one place in which you have the ultimate say.  Nonetheless, it can be difficult to get started decorating, and it is important to develop a plan or design before you begin, unless you can accept a living space that clashes a bit.  Furthermore, some forms of redecorating are kind of destructive and inconvenient, while others are much easier to execute, such as picking out window treatments.  Window treatments can be easily installed, without changing anything else in the room, and the main cost comes just from the window treatment materials themselves.  Despite the fact that they are quite inexpensive to replace, so many home and building owners do not bother to replace their generic blinds with better ones.  There are various varieties of custom blinds, which you can order from a reputable design store, such as Doelling Decorating Center.

Blinds have a lot of advantages to them, such as the fact that they are quite easy to use and maintain.  Window coverings are more than just a practical component of your home, though.  They are also a great way to make your home more unique and stylish, and you should not waste this opportunity.  Custom blinds are nice because they allow you to retain all of the benefits of your generic vinyl blinds, but they are substantially more pleasant to look at, as well as aesthetically diverse.  Just like generic blinds, they can be operated and adjusted by simply pulling on strings attached to a pulley system.

Of course, there are other window treatments that are operated using a pulley system.  Shades are one example, and they are more versatile, in an aesthetic sense.  Shades are similar to blinds, but they do not consist of firm, overlapping slats.  Instead, they are made of a sheet of material, which covers the window completely.  Because there are not overlapping, rigid slats, shades do a better job of providing complete light blockage.  There are no spaces in between slats, in which light can get through.  Shades are able to be a bit more versatile because they are comprised of a solid sheet of cloth, which can be died any color imaginable.  Even intricate patterns and designs are possible, with custom shades.

Oftentimes, in addition to shades or blinds, people will incorporate sheers, to complement them.  Sheers are thin cloth window treatments, which are used to hang above or behind your primary window treatments.  They are not meant to completely shade your windows, since they are made of such thin cloth.  Typically, they either hang in a relatively narrow strip above the window, or they completely cover it, allowing only faint light to get through the thin cloth fibers.  If you do decide to add sheers to your window treatments, you should make sure that you select a shade that works well with the hue of your window coverings and walls.


The Tragedy of Do-it-Yourself Blinds

May 1st, 2014 / / categories: 31, shades /

I am always looking to save a buck, an avid DIY kind of girl. I really enjoy home decorating and renovating, mostly because my husband and his friends end up turning my vision into reality, I’m mainly there for shall we say, moral support. I have recently been becoming antsy about making some updates to our home. Nothing too big like our last bathroom renovation but something a little more subtle. My husband and I recently visited the home of his boss and wife. They had the most beautiful home and I was especially impressed with the decorative accents on their windows. Each window seemed so perfectly and elegantly crafted. It looked like something out of a home decorating magazine and from then on I was hard intended on updating our own window coverings at home.

My husband knew I was up to something when I immediately jumped online the second we returned home. I had so many ideas swirling in my head I had to start on a plan for each and every room in our house. By morning I had a solid plan about what I wanted to start implementing into our home. My husband wasn’t too worried about this one, how much can possibly go wrong with blinds and shades?

I began doing some research on different styles of blinds and was a little overwhelmed with all of the patterns and shades and textures. I thought I had it all handled and began to place some orders through different companies online. Unfortunately when my orders arrived I had some issues. Some of the blinds didn’t fit my window size, I needed a custom fit. Other shades were not quite the color or texture I thought they would be. I hung up some drapes I ordered for our living room and they simply looked awful. I was really upset by this whole feat and my husband suggested we call in a professional.

I saw many of the hunter Douglas shades online and was very impressed by their quality. I called their office and received a free design consultation that week. The lady worked closely with me and my vision for my newly decorated home. She really understood what I was looking for and knew exactly what to do in each of our rooms. I wanted to keep a more modern feel to our kitchen, bathrooms, and living room and more traditional feel to our bedroom. We ended up with exactly what I envisioned and so much less hassle than trying to do it on my own. We now have the most elegant Roman Shades in our living room and fantastic blackout curtains in our bedroom for early summer mornings. The drapes in our living room express a stylish chic that capture exactly how I want to feel when I sit down for an afternoon tea with the girls. I am so happy with my decision to call on a professional to get the most out of my money!