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It’s imperative to take care of your belongings so they will last longer. When you consider really cool websites such a Pinterest, you can find all sorts of amazing cleanings tips to help you get things like wine out of your beige carpet or grease out of your clothing. It’s pretty impressive when you think about all the different knacks you can use to get things tile cleaners back to the way they were when you purchased them. Here are some tips that ChemDry of Baltimore uses to help you keep everything clean in your home.
  1. Carpet Care Tips. ChemDry makes sure to take extra special care of your carpet by having it ready to be used again within just a couple of hours. A lot of companies use a steam cleaning method and because of that, your carpet can’t be walked on for one to two days. With ChemDry your carpet will be ready after one or two hours because they use hot water and carbonation to get your carpets cleaned.
  2. Spot Removal Tips. If you are concerned about having spots like wine stains on your carpet, then ask ChemDry about their protectant they can put on your carpet. It is safe for children and pets and totally affordable.
  3. Stain Removal Tips. ChemDry has some ideas to help you get those pesky stains out of your carpet before they actually become stains! First you need to act quickly so the stain doesn’t get an opportunity to set. Then you need to know what kind of stain you are working with and what it is actually staining. ChemDry has a list of materials and products that will help you to know what stain removers to use on what materials. Without rubbing in the stain, remove as much excess as possibly by blotting or scraping. Working from the outside edge of the stain into the inside to keep it from spreading. Then call ChemDry to have their professional tile cleaners, upholstery cleaners and carpet cleaners to come out and get your home totally clean.
  4. Area Rug Care Tips. First things first, do the best you can not to spill on the area rug. Use a dry white towel to get rid of the excess stain. You can use different products to protect your rug so it will help prevent a potential stain from setting. Give ChemDry a call and ask them about what you can use as options to keep your area rug clean. Keep your area rug out of the sunlight as well to keep it from fading.

When it comes to your home, you never have to sacrifice on keeping things clean. One of the best ways to keep your home clean is by responding to spills as soon as possible. GIve ChemDry a call and ask the professional carpet cleaners what options are the best for your home. Taking care of your belongings mean they will last longer and this includes your carpets and area rugs. So give ChemDry a call today, you won’t be sorry you did.