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Selling older trade show booths

May 7th, 2014 / / categories: 31, trade show booths /

Many potential customers out there no not know how easy it is to recycle and reuse older trade show booths. When a company decides to move on to a different and larger trade show booth, or when they are no longer attending trade shows or are no longer in business, what can be done with those trade show booths that they no longer need? Well, I have built my business around that, and it has been really successful once I explain the basic concept. Many smaller companies want to get into the trade show world, but they are often deterred by the high cost of an adequate or interesting trade show booth. But, the trade show booth really is just the bones, the brackets and stands that hold up the vinyl printed signs. These are made to function like walls, but they really are not any more than just a vinyl piece of print that is used to hang up and appear like a wall to segregate the trade show booth from the other booths that are set up directly surrounding it. So, because of this it is really simple to just trade out the vinyl with something that has a different print on it. This is why I have gone into this business, because it is so simple. I take these old trade show booths off the hands of these companies that no longer want them, and then I sell them to a smaller start up company that wants to get a cheaper trade show booth, and print what they need on the new vinyl pieces.

trade show boothIt is really simple to trade out the one print for the new print, which means that every trade show booth that exists can somewhat easily be turned into a trade show booth for a different company or concept. It is the bones or the foundations of the booth that actually have the monetary value, and so the printing can be easily reorganized to just show what the new company wants to showcase with their trade show booth for their industry trade show. So I buy them up cheap from companies that are no longer using them, and then I sell them cheap to new companies that just need to print their company name and logo onto a large piece of vinyl, and they are in business for their first trade show without spending an over the top amount of money to break into the space in the first place. The service that I offer may be reusing a different company’s trade show booth, but it also is opening the door to that new market of customers that were unattainable without the easy use of a cheap trade show booth. This is why I have also been so successful in doing this and offering this product. There are so many who want to get into trade shows and just feel that they can’t really afford it at such a new stage in their development. But they need it to be successful.