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When I think about Las Vegas, I can’t help but immediately think about the movie “The Hangover.”  The Hangover was a great movie and I think that it totally reinvented the bro comedy which had been lagging for many years.  Now all of the sudden, there was a movie franchise that was able to work out a lot of kinks and have four very successful actors in their own rights come and make a great film.  It is stupid in a lot of respects, but I think that is exactly what makes it such a fun movie to watch.  The other thing that I think is pretty special about the movie is that the story is very new.  Although there was “Dude Where’s My Car?” that was more of a slapstick type of humor.  The concept of losing a person however is actually quite funny.  Nevertheless, one of the things that I think is worth imagining is the role of the medical community in areas like Las Vegas that have a lot of various people drinking their butts off.  I would feel bad for the people that work in the urgent care centers in Las Vegas, but I have to imagine that they see some pretty funny sights almost daily.  The thing about urgent care centers is that they have to show up and be cognizant enough to request not to go to the emergency room or the drunk tank.  That would not always be the case for the people that are looking to sober up quickly.  Instead, I would have to imagine that the urgent care clinics in Las Vegas have to deal a lot more with situations the morning after the hijinks.  These would be the situations in which people would go out and get so smashed that they need some sort of hydrating IV.  Or maybe they fell and broke their arm and wanted to wait until the morning to see if it hurt then.  This is something that I could easily see myself doing.  I hate going to the doctor, but I know that if I did have to go, that I would probably go to the urgent care clinic.  This is because I know that I would have a shorter wait time and I would be able to see a doctor quicker.  When I was in Hawaii, I did break my arm and this meant that I went to the local urgent care clinic.  I am sure that the urgent care clinic in Hawaii did not measure up to those in Las Vegas, but nevertheless, I think they did a great job and they were able to set my elbow after I dislocated it and give me a cast.  I’m happy to know that these sort of options are out there for people who may need help seeing a doctor when they are sick.  Even if it is because they got too drunk the night before.  It’s all about giving more options and access to all people.

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