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For those of us with full time jobs and a family to take care of, finding time to go to the doctor’s office can be a bit of a crazy mess. Getting our medical needs taken care of as quickly as possible is important but many of us, including myself, will put it off because today the important project is due at work, tomorrow one of the kids has a recital for the school band and who knows what will be going on the day after that. With a family and a job there is always something important that needs your attention. I always hate making appointments as well because I know I am dependably undependable. I have a long tract record of making appointments and then missing them because something came up or I forgot about it for one reason or another. This is particularly frustrating for a few reasons. First of all, missing your appointment means not getting treated which is terrible annoying, especially when whatever is going wrong with you gets to the point where you really wish you would have just moved things around to make it to the doctors. Secondly, many doctors’ offices will charge you some sort of no show fee, which, while annoying and expensive if they start to add up, are totally reasonable. Which brings me to the third thing I hate about missing appointments, it is a jerk move. I know we are all busy but so are those doctors, you don’t think their time is valuable? I know all of these things and yet I would still miss well over half of the appointments I set. Urgent Care Extra DobsonThis is why I have decided to make the switch from my family’s normal health care doctor to Urgent Care Extra Dobson. I like going to Urgent Care Extra because they do not require that you make an appointment. They are also open pretty much every day between eight in the morning and nine at night so I know that no matter what I have going on in my life, I can take an hour or two to swing by the office. If for some reason that day I can’t spare an hour or two, I can always go the next day and it isn’t that big of a deal. I also really like Urgent Care Extra Dobson because they can take care of pretty much any problem I can throw at them. We took my son there when he fell down playing soccer and sprained his ankle, my daughter went two weeks ago when some sort of rash broke out on her stomach and I am planning a trip soon if this wrist pain of mine doesn’t subside. Wow when it is all written out we sound like a rather doctor prone family. The only thing we can’t go to Urgent Care Extra Dobson for is surgery. Almost everything we need form a doctor is finally where we want it, when we want it.