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Windows are meant to show us the wonderful view outside it, but it is also that part of the house that can be dressed up to give a room a lift or breathe new life to it. We don’t have to embark on a costly renovation project in order to break the monotony or give an old room a fresh look. A quick and effective way can be to dress our windows with some chic drapes, window blinds, or shades.

Custom Drapes

Custom Blinds

Our home has seen better days and while we have maintained its cleanliness and managed the wear and tear of a home that has housed 3 teenagers, who are now out of the nest and in university. The accessories in our home evolved from non-breakable stuff when we were childproofing the house when the children were small to adding a few pieces of furniture here and there as well as filling one wall with pictures of wonderful family moments.

Now that the holidays are approaching, I was thinking of giving our home a new lift without having to do major work on renovation. A friend recommended that I re arrange furniture, get rid of old stuff, and dress up the windows with new drapes. I did all three but the third one made the most impact.

From the heavy drapes that cover our windows, I have opted for a more modern look and decided to get some blinds custom made. Fabrics and More of Texas was highly recommended and indeed they had so many products to choose from that I decided to get window shades instead of window blinds.

I opted for window shades made of thick but light colored fabric, as it gave the impression that the room is more spacious than it actually is. I did not have to have the rooms repainted, instead I got really nice window shades. I had all the windows in the living room and the husband’s study installed with the new shades made of off-white fabric with a light colored leafy print on it. I had a more vivid color window shade made for the kitchen since it’s my own space and I really wanted something that would reflect my personality.

The transformation was just amazing. It gave every room a fresh look that one might think more was done to it. The atmosphere feels more relaxed with the light colored fabric, and it complemented the summer colors of the walls in the rooms. I have even gone as far as buying a pair of lounge chairs with matching footstools placed in our favorite corners of the room, where we can read and sip our favorite drink during our me times. The lounge chairs are woven with rope made of natural fibers, accented with bright colored fluffy throw pillows and a rustic side table to place our book and a drink.

Ah the wonders of the internet, now we can redecorate by just looking at the numerous DIY projects in Pinterest or Youtube. Still, I would recommend going to the experts for sound advice.