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custome window coveringsYour child deserves to have a great looking room. One important part of this is having window coverings that can provide protection from the sun as well as a fun look that your child will enjoy. There are lots of options when it comes to window shades, but not all of them are appropriate for children, so it can be very important to do some research as to what are the best options. If you are planning on remodeling a child’s room, we have some suggestions when it comes to window coverings.

  • Go Cordless: Depending on how old your child is, having cords on the shades could be dangerous. There have been cases of children getting stuck or tangled in them so choosing options that do not have cords or dangling strings of any kind is a good idea. There are a number of options you can choose, with some of them using a kind of wand instead of a cord. Roller shades are also great, since they have no dangling strings or cords, either.
  • Colorful: Children need lots of color. A good choice for a bedroom is blue, because it can be calming and can help them get to sleep, so consider blinds or shades in tones of blue.There are also options with prints made especially for kids. These can have cartoon characters printed on them, or beautiful landscapes. There are some even with the solar system printed on them!
  • Durable: Children tend to play with everything around them, which will mean that they will also try to play with curtains or shades. Many people choose not to hang curtains for this reason, since a child can tug on them and fray them. Choose shades that are easy to clean and that do not require special care. Stains can happen with a kid in the house, so the last thing you need is to have to take curtains to the dry cleaner every other week!
  • Effective: Sun rays can damage furniture and can be harmful to skin. This is why you need window coverings that really work. Choose options that have UV filters for the best results, and there are even adhesives you can add to the window pane itself to filter out harmful rays. If you want to ensure that they can still get light into the room, choose roller shades made of light materials.

You want your child’s room to be as welcoming and comfortable as possible. The window blinds you choose for this room should be child proof, which means no dangling cords or strings, and they should be able to withstand stains and other damage. Speak with an expert like those at East Greenbush Window Coverings to ask them about their suggestions for children’s rooms. Choose something effective when it comes to keeping out harmful sun rays but also something colorful and fun that your child will love. This is the finishing touch to any room, so why not make it a beautiful and exciting one?

If you have been looking around at different kinds of window covering options recently, it is pretty much guaranteed that you have seen the name Hunter Douglas at least twenty times by now. Hunter Douglas window coverings are some of the most well know and prevalent kinds of window coverings in the United States and with this popularity they have really expanded to offer a number of different kinds of window coverings for their customers. At times it might seem like there are so many options that it is impossible to pick but here is a little bit of information about each of the different kinds of Hunter Douglas products that will hopefully help you make the decision on what kind of window coverings are going to work best in your home.

Hunter Douglas Skyline- These vertical blinds are great as a room divider or used on any sort of huge window or glass door.

Hunter Douglas Vignette- These roman shades are updated with some of the most modern features so that you get beautiful shades with consistent folds. The great thing about these kinds of Hunter Douglas blinds is that they have no visible chord so they are safe for pets and small children around the house.

Hunter Douglas Luminette- These vertical sheers are also great options for sliding glass doors. The fabric vanes can rotate a full one hundred and eighty degrees so you are in total control of how much light and privacy you want.

Hunter Douglas Pirouette- One of the more innovative and interesting of the Hunter Douglas blinds, the Pirouette blinds have soft fabric canes that are attached to a sheer backing. This allows for the vanes to give the illusion of floating when they are open and when the blinds are closed they look like any other kind of normal blinds.

Hunter Douglas Silhouette- If you have a room that gets way too much sunlight for a few hours a day, this is probably your best bet. These blinds diffuse harsh sunlight and spread it throughout the room. This is perfect if you want to cut down on the harsh afternoon light but still do not want to totally block out the light either.blinds

Hunter Douglas Duette- These are the honeycomb branch of Hunter Douglas products. These window coverings are at the very top of environmental friendliness in the world of window coverings. They help keep all of the inside air inside and keep the unwanted outside air out. Over time having these kinds of window coverings installed can save you quite a bit of money on your heating and cooling costs.

Hopefully this brief descriptions of some of the most popular kinds of Hunter Douglas products has helped give you a slightly better idea on what all of your options are. You can learn more about Hunter Douglas window coverings by going to any one of their hundreds of retailers that are spotted all across the United States. The staff there can tell you more about all of the different Hunter Douglas options and together you can see which one Is the best fit for you.

Whether you are resigning and existing space for starting from scratch altogether, there are definitely some great window treatment and window covering design trends to keep in mind during the 2014 season! With so many different design options becoming more and more accessible, it is easy to get started on a design pattern that truly fits you and your needs! After all, everyone is a little bit different. Working out your interior design schematic should be done carefully and consciously so as to enhance and work with blending your natural tastes with this season’s window covering trends. You should never design a space simply to adhere to these trends, but rather you should make a bold move towards blending your tastes with things that are a little less daunting, like a variation on a theme. After all, there are so many different ways that you can spice up your window coverings, blinds, and shades while adhering to your tastes and the new trends that have been sweeping the design world! of the particularly popular trends this season has been in the multi-layer window treatment realm. What is a multi layer window treatment, you might ask? Very simply, a multi layer window treatment is the ideal solution for those who are a bit indecisive about the kind of window treatment that might be best for them. Don’t know whether to go with curtains or blinds? Who says you cannot do both! Layering your window treatments is quickly becoming a strong trend and looks especially good when you blend colors together instead of going for a contrasting look. This makes sense; you are already combining two different materials and window treatments into this one look; make the look easier on the eyes and blend them rather than accentuate the differences. When blending curtains and blinds specifically, you can feel empowered to use any kind of blind in order to achieve a layered look. This really does great a powerful boost of energy in your room, as it is not a look that has been done much before.

Some principles to keep in mind when dabbling in the new layered window treatment look is to ensure that the color palette you are working with works well with both the styles of window coverings you are working with. For example, it makes sense that if you select light colored drapes you should also choose a lighter colored rod for your blinds. If you instead make one item a deeper or darker color, the focal point of the feature becomes the darker thing rather than the entire combination as a unit. Always keep the overall window treatment look in mind so that you do not end up making a rookie mistake like this one, blending dark blinds with lighter colored shades. Instead, take the logical course of action and design your window treatments to go well together and blend rather than present themselves as opposing sides to an argument! Multi layered window treatments are all about the blending of two different ideas; keep this in mind when designing yours!