Clearing the air with radon mitigation

March 13th, 2017 / / categories: 31 /

Unless you make sure to do the right kinds of checks every once and a while, you might be breathing in radon all day in either your home or your work place. Radon can be incredibly dangerous if you are exposed to it over a long period of time. Radon is linked to a number of different illnesses, one of the most common is lung cancer. Radon is an invisible and otherwise impossible to detect with the human senses gas that is a result of the decay of some incredibly prevalent elements in the soil. Since the elemental make up of soils varies so much from one place to another, you might have radon in your home or work place an you might not, there is really no way to check unless you call a specialty radon reduction company like SWAT Environmental to do a test. Since the soil can vary so much, it is even possible that you could have radon in your home but your neighbor is totally clear.

radon removal Since radon builds up so slowly, generally in order to get rid of it you just have to clear out a pocket where it is gathering or somehow increase the airflow so that the radon can move out of the house and go somewhere else. Normally a company like SWAT Environmental can figure out where the radon is coming into the house and get it all taken care of and cleaned out in just an afternoon. Figuring out where the radon is coming from is one of the more difficult things to do and what keeps people from doing it themselves. Once you have the radon detectors that the radon abatement team at SWAT Environmental use though, the whole thing is actually pretty easy.

Another place where you have to keep an eye our for radon is actually through your pipes and through your water. As a gas, radon can get into your water pipes pretty easily and come out every time that you use your water. This means every time that you shower and every time that you use your water to cook with or to drink. This can be quite dangerous and so it is a big thing of what the radon remediation team SWAT Environmental will look out for. Once they have found all of the pockets of radon build up, aired everything out and have sealed up all of the places where radon might be getting into your home, you and your home should be safe from the dangers of radon and radon poisoning for quite some time to come. Generally these things only have to be done every handful of years or so, even if the places of the United States where radon build up is more of a thing. The radon abatement team at SWAT Environmental can give you more information though on what you need to do in order to make sure that your home remains radon free and that everything is safe and ready to go.

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