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The world of window treatment industry has undergone some huge changes over the last few years, and only the best and most innovative companies have been able to keep up with the changing needs of the modern customer. The ability to understand and respond to what the clients are looking for in a product is what separates the average company from the excellent one. In this article we are going to take a look at a few of today’s leading window treatment companies, and what it is that has made them so special in the industry today.

Frist we look at the current leader in blinds and shutters; Viking Blinds.  if there is one word we would use to describe Viking Blinds it would have to be, innovative. Viking Blinds was the first major company to start selling their blinds to their clients through a web based store, which has subsequently become an industry standard. People today expect to find everything they want for their homes through online stores, yet just a few years ago that was hardly the case. It took the home decoration industry far longer to make the shift from store sales to online sales than it did for other kinds of commerce. Most blinds and shades companies were too nervous to be the first one to jump into the internet sales area, and so the standard remained for window coverings to be sold through shops alone. Around teen years ago, Viking launched, a site through which they offered their clients the ability to see far more options in window coverings than they could by visiting an actual store. The first customers to climb onboard the internet window coverings market were home decorators. The professionals knew that with the new internet site they had just gained a valuable tool which would allow them to more quickly find the window coverings they were after. Before long, online window coverings sites became the standard for buying shades and shutters for all people. Clients found that purchasing their window coverings over the web was the best option, and up to the current date, it remains the number one spot for window covering shoppers looking to buy new blinds, shades and shutters.

Drake Windows is another company that has stood out in their excellent service for people looking for new window coverings. What Drake Windows did was to start offering the service of a professional home designer to their clients when they bought window coverings. People who never imagined that they would be able to afford the advice of a real professional designer, suddenly discovered that there was a company out there which could provide them with said service, just for buying window covering through their company. The idea of offering designer assistance to window treatment customers quickly caught on, and before long it also became an industry standard. Today there are hundreds of window treatment sellers that offer designer help to their customers, but Drake Windows was the first to see the need for the service and capitalize on that need.

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