Do you need an easy software solution for your insurance company?  There tend to be so many out there, so how do you know which one will be a good fit?  To filter out those that don’t meet certain standards, here is a list of actions that any good software solution should be able to take?

  1. Referral Management Abilities.  With each referral that finds its way to your website, you should be able to easily track the status and quality of that referral.  At the same time you want to be providing updates to your referral partners on how the details are being handled.  From start to finish, it should be easy to update all parties throughout the entire sales cycle.
  2. Question Sets. Any intelligent company realizes that it should be built based upon its clients’ wants and needs.  Through the use of questions for your website’s visitors, good insurance software will automatically build profiles using the detailed customer answers.   It will also give guides as to which questions you should be asking to get a full understanding.  Find sample scripts under tools for this action as well.
  3. Quoting Integration.  New users usually visit an insurance website to get a quick quote because they are comparing rates and shopping for their best interest.  To make this happen, your software should offer comparative raters.  This is to ensure that the rates can be pre-filled with the interview data you are gathering at the same time.
  4. Electronic Form Integration.  Any data that the customer completes on the website will need to be moved to another drive so that you can transfer the information to third parties.  This includes your wholesaler-specific forms as well.  Basically anything they are completing via the website will need to be integrated, and you can have this done automatically with a pre-fill option.  Again, any good insurance software should offer this.
  5. Business Analytics.  Naturally, as you collect data you are going to want to begin analyzing it.  With a quality insurance agency software solution, you will have certain agency principals integrated right into the day to day.  Real time snapshots of the data should also be provided so that you can get a grasp periodically of what you are collecting.  You can also keep track of employee and sales performances, referral sources, and overall production and retention efforts on behalf of the company.

insurance softwareSo these are the bare basics that should be provided by any insurance agency software solution package.   It should also be user friendly and easily navigable.  You will want a dashboard to control everything and a data view portal that will allow you to easily extract what you need.  Form integration is also very useful when you have a large volume being submitted each day.  All in all, you want any software package to allow for easy function and reliability because you don’t have any time to waste in the world of competitive insurance markets.  Next time you are buying a new software package, be sure to demand these basics are included.

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