Setting up window Shutters is a great way to make your windows look much better and it also some practical use. With the variety of colors and designs of window shutters you are sure to find different options and combinations that can add a lot of aesthetic value and also be quite practical through privacy and light adjustment. Shutters are a popular choice of window treatment and you can find them being used in many residences today.


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When you find the right shutters to set up in your room they can look very beautiful installed against the windows and one can only wish that shutters can maintain their beautiful quality over time. However, that isn’t the case. Just like everything else window shutters are subject to getting dirty and eventually losing their quality. This is why it is very important to know how to take care and maintain of the shutters because if too much dust and dirt builds up it can result in damages.

To help you maintain the beauty and quality of your window shutters, we are going to share five different approaches to cleaning off the dust and dirt on your shutters.

  • Dusting – Dusting your shutters is something that you should be doing regularly as dust builds up often. You will want to dust your shutters at least once or twice a week. Regular dusting helps prevent the buildup of dust which can get deeper into the shutters only making it hard to clean off.
  • Wiping – If you find any dirt and grime that has stuck onto your shutters, you can remove them by wiping the shutters with a cleaning solution or soapy water. You can wipe your shutters after dusting them especially if you find dust, dirt, and other particles that have really stuck within the material of the shutters.
  • Vacuuming – Vacuuming can provide a deeper of your shutters which is helpful when there is a considerable amount of dust and dirt that has built up on the shutters. If there are some dust and dirt particles that have really stuck between the fibers of the fabric you can use a vacuum to pull it out.
  • Spot cleaning – This method is great for cleaning off stains that are on your shutters. Spot cleaning is relatively easy to do but you will have to act quick. As soon as the shutters get stained, you will have to get a cloth and moisten it with a solution of soap and water and dap onto the area without rubbing it until the stain is lifted.
  • Steaming – For shutters that have really deep seated dirt which cannot be removed through vacuuming, you can loosen the dirt through the steaming method. Other than loosening the deep seated dirt, the steam helps to remove the wrinkles on the shutter fabric making it looked as good as new.

So these are the five different approaching to cleaning dirty Shutters we have to share. Now, you can keep your window shutters look crisp and clean even after many years.

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