Four Different Materials Used to Make Window Shutters

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Window treatments are a great for decorating your windows and adding a bit more personality into the interior of your home. There are a variety of window treatments available on the market and one of the most common choices out there are window Shutters. Window shutters are quite a traditional addition to any home and can add some aesthetic value to your room making them a great investment for anyone looking to do some decorating work.


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Just like there are a variety of window treatment choices, there are also a variety of different options from you to choose from with shutters. You will find that there are different colors, designs, styles, etc. allowing you to find the one that really suits your taste. One of the things that give variety to window shutters and determines not only the looks, but the quality of the shutters which is the material that it is made of. To have a better understanding, let’s take a look at four different materials which window shutters are made from.

1.) Wood – One of the most beautiful materials used in window shutters production, wood has a look that just looks so timeless and invokes a natural appearance to the interior. It was common to build window shutters from wood in the past since it was the most accessible material but manufacturing with wood still continues to this day due to popularity of wooden Shutters. Although wooden shutters look great their weakness lies in their susceptibility to becoming warped, twisted, or bent due to moisture and sun damage.

2.) Polyresin – Next to wood, polyresin has also become a popular material when it comes to the manufacturing of window shutters. The reason polyresin shutters are popular is because they can just be as beautiful as wooden shutters. Polyresin shutters look great when they come in neutral colors. The advantage with polyresin is that it is more resilient to warping, twisting, and bending compared to wood. In addition, cleaning shutters made from polyresin is a breeze and you won’t have to worry about any paint chipping.

3.) Vinyl – The makeup of vinyl and polyresin are pretty much the same as they contain the same thing only that these two materials are manufactures quite differently when it comes to the extrusion phase. The advantage of using shutters made from vinyl is that you can enjoy them for quite some time as they are made to be more durable and you can enjoy the same benefits from vinyl shutters just as in polyresin shutters.

4.) MDF – Shutters made from MDF which is short for medium density fiberboard are known as hybrid shutters. For added durability, the MDF is topped off with a material called polypropylene making it just as durable as polyresin and vinyl shutters. The downside with MDF is that it can easily soak up moisture like a sponge making the shutters swell up. The usual solution to this is by applying several coats of paint over the Shutters but even then it still isn’t advisable to use hybrid shutters in high humidity areas.


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