From beginning to end, the diamond-buying experience that you will have at The Diamond Reserve is different than any other.  Most diamond outlets and jewelers are the same when it comes to sales and satisfaction.  Usually you get hassled as soon as you walk in the door to look at some of the most expensive rings available because the salespeople are working for their commission.  This leaves a bad taste in your mouth from the beginning.  So once you have a million different stones and settings thrown in your face you are expected to make a decision quickly so that they can move on to the next person and stop wasting time.  Nothing about this scenario sounds appealing when it is time to choose a new piece of diamond jewelry.  Whether you are first choosing a new or custom engagement ring for the love of your life or you are buying a diamond necklace for your mother’s birthday, you want the time spent to be pleasant and calm.  Diamond purchases are not taken lightly because they can be quite expensive if you let them.  Plus they are jewelry pieces that are meant to last lifetimes and be passed through generations.  That is a lot of pressure in making the purchase so you don’t want to be rushed or pushed into buying something that you don’t love.

If you want to have a pleasant and satisfying experience while buying a diamond, no GIA certifiedmatter the occasion, then you should visit The Diamond Reserve in Denver.  There is no hassling to look at specific items and no time crunches to place over you.  What you get instead is the ease of browsing selections and styles at your own pace, and alone if you prefer.  You will also get an appointment with a jeweler who will offer their full attention and time – no commissioned employees here!  You will also see some diamonds and styles unlike any other because they were hand selected and hand crafted.  The collective experience of all the jewelers adds up to decades of knowledge that you can use when designing an authentic piece of jewelry.  You can bring in an idea or a few things you’ve seen in magazines or even just talk about what style you prefer, and the jeweler can design something that brings all of your wants together.  Something like a custom engagement ring only comes along once in a lifetime so you want it to be perfect.  The service and experience that will be provided at The Diamond Reserve carry a long way.  Once you see how easy and comfortable it could be to make a diamond purchase you will never go back to one of those other jewelers.  Commissioned purchasing is a thing of the past and now you know exactly where to go to get something to commemorate any special occasion.  Don’t be intimidated by the hundreds of diamond retailers in the Denver area because there is just one that you can trust for life.

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