In a world where our health care is regulated by pharmaceutical companies, many people don’t realize the health benefits and healing properties of natural remedies such as THC BioCBD plusand hemp.  There is a long and complicated history when it comes to marijuana or hemp in the United States.  For many reasons of a political and cultural nature it was deemed an extremely dangerous drug and has many negative aspects tied to it publicly.  However, we are now learning that the veil was pulled over our eyes regarding this drug.  It is not nearly as dangerous as our federal and regional leaders made it seem in the 80’s, and it can actually help a lot of really sick people feel better.  It’s not worth it to dwell on the past and wonder how many people suffering then with difficult disorders could have felt some relief. But at least now we can put hemp and marijuana products to good use in a more tolerant and less ignorant world.

Hemp is a plant within the cannabis family.  Marijuana plants are also members of the cannabis family and can produce oil as well but the properties are not exactly the same.  Hemp, as a plant and as an oil, has such versatility that we really should be utilizing it more.  The plant can be used much in the same way that plastic is to make any kind of product.  It can be used like cotton to make clothing and other cotton products.  The hemp oil can be used for medicines, skin and beauty products, soap, cleaning products, and anything else you can think of.  Hemp oil holds little to no THC, which is the psychoactive property in marijuana, so it really cannot affect you in the same way when you use it as a medicine or anything else that is ingested.  In this day and age, where we are more tolerant to products that do not fall within the norm, you can buy CBD oil products online for your health.  CBD stands for cannabidiol – the chemical compound name that exists within the plant.  The federal status of the oil still remains shaky, especially with the differences in state and federal laws.  There are many companies that sell CBD products derived from hemp that hold little to no other cannabinoids within them.  That small “if” doesn’t matter to the DEA, however.  They say that any CBD is a Schedule I drug and is federally illegal to have because of its potential to hold psychoactive cannabinoids within it.  It doesn’t make much sense, but that is how the federal government works.

The use and restriction of CBD oil is not closely watched by the DEA, which is fortunate for those that need the product for its healing properties.  There are some protections in place for individuals who live in states where medical marijuana and/or recreational marijuana is legal.  We still have a way to go, but don’t give up on your reach for relief just yet.  We will get there soon enough.

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