As the city of Denver continues to grow exponentially, the residents who live here are seeing a corresponding increase in small non violent crimes. There has been a recent increase in the number of homes are being broken into, and packages are being stolen off of front porches. This recent increase enough to make a homeowner feel a little more hesitant about the safety of their neighborhood, and also to make them wary of leaving their home alone and unguarded all day long. Thankfully, Denver homeowners are finding home automation brings them added security to their residences 24/7. The use of a home automation system helps to keep you and your loved ones safe in your home and protects your home while you are gone. While you may not have heard of home automation directly, the chances are good that you probably already have some automated systems operating in your home already.

Home automation is when you bring in many of your home systems together into a system that allows you to operate and control it remotely. Home automation also allows your home to automatically detect and make adjustments to your home based on your desired pre-selected settings. Perhaps you already have a home security system, or you have an automatic lock on your front door that allows you to enter code code to unlock it instead of using a key. Or perhaps you have censored lights in your bathroom which automatically turn the lights on whenever somebody enters the room and turns them off after a certain period of inactivity which indicates that someone has left the room. And you likely have a thermostat that automatically detects when the temperature inside the home changes and it makes the appropriate adjustments by clicking on the heat or air conditioning to bring the room back to an ideal temperature. Individually these are all shortcuts that can make your life easier, but when you sync them all together and make them accessible from a single app, that is home automation.

Home automation allows you to lock and unlock your doors remotely, View security camera feed in real-time, change the present temperature of your home, and program your home to automatically turn lights on and off depending on if someone has left the room. Home automation gives you access  to your home and control over it, no matter where you may be. This is great news for Denver residents, as they can view activity at their homes while they are away and report any suspicious people on their property. It can also help them prevent theft of their packages. They can simply unlock the door when the delivery parson arrives and allow them to put the package inside, and then they can lock their doors again once the delivery person leaves. And they can view the entire transaction from a security feed from their computer at work. Clearly there are many benefits to home automation systems, safety, security, and convenience are just a few.

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