label magnets

For many of us, our car is like an extension of us. It is a home away from home and a possession we care deeply about. We spend money to insure it, put gas in it, clean it and maintain it. We use it to store our things, drive to and from work, spend time with our families, go on road trips, listen to music or sometimes even as a place to be alone and think. When driving down the road, you will see many people have also used their cars as a way to display their individuality. This could include paint color, type of lights, bumper treatments, windshield decorations, steering wheel covers, bumper stickers and more. While old favorites like pine tree scented rearview mirror hangers or fuzzy dice can still be found, there are many other options now as well.

As people spend more and more time in their cars, companies are finding more and more ways to bring convenience and style to drivers. This can be found in examples like in car trash cans, iPhone converters, chargers and plug ins, seat covers, lower back and lumbar support cushions, drink holders, French fry holders (really!), and other organizational items. One popular item, the bumper sticker, has gotten a huge update in recent years as it moves toward a label magnet.

The bumper stickers of yore, emblazoned with political statements, funny quips or warnings of a baby on board, to name a few, often became permanent fixtures on a car since they couldn’t be pulled off once stuck on. This may be fine for a car owner who keeps the same car for the duration of its life, but what if the person’s political view change? What happens when the baby grows up and there is no more baby on board? What happens if they want to sell the car? In many cases, a car full of bumper stickers can actually decrease the value of a car, which no one wants, especially when selling.

So how does one go about adding personality to the car without decreasing its value or ruining the car. Magnetic strip bumper stickers are the answer. Now, drivers can insert a little personality, activism, opinion or anything else on their vehicle in a way that can be easily removed and placed on a new car or even removed all together if the owner no longer wants to display the message. Magnet labels provide drivers with personality but does not chain them to permanent damage or alterations to their car. In addition, if a driver decides they want to sell their car, they will get much more interest in a car that is not devalued by permanent bumper stickers that portray the previous driver’s thoughts and feelings. As mentioned early in this article, a driver thinks of their car as an extension of themselves. If they buy a used car and are unable to removed remnants of the previous driver, it will never truly feel like their car. Knowing this will often times dissuade them from buying the car in the first place, which makes it difficult for someone to sell a car.

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