Log Siding Installation For Your Home

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Log siding has been there for centuries and continues to remain popular among homeowners. Traditional siding is installed to give adequate protection to exterior walls from the harsh elements. Interior designers, builders, and architects never overlook the majestic beauty of log siding design in the practice of their profession and business. Log siding creates a touch of authenticity, historicity, ruggedness, elegance and agelessness.

A vast array of wood species, stain, style, finish, paint color, and design is available to you. Wood siding has many patterns, but the most common are simple. It can either be a horizontal or vertical pattern. You can create your custom design layout. Your choice of wood siding pattern, the kind of stain or finish, what shade of color do you have in mind can be discussed with a qualified professional siding contractor. Based on his experience and expertise, he can recommend and give you practical advice on how to go about the selection and installation of a wood siding solution.

This kind of siding makes use of natural hardwood like cedar, redwood, cypress and other solid wood to project a natural, rustic or a contemporary look depending on the finish, one’s taste and liking. There are various categories of sidings you can choose from when planning to install wood sidings. Some of them are shingles, fiberboard, plywood, shakes, and clapboard. They are subcategorized in various styles including wooden lap board, tongue, and groove, channel, board and batten, ship lap, split log siding and much more; These woods have a different variety of textures and designs. Wood sided structures are more lovely and sophisticated. They are very pleasant to look at. If they are maintained properly, they can last for a long time. Paint makeover on a periodic basis will do wonders to the image and appearance of the home.

Plywood siding is cheaper because its structural components are merged into one. It is easily integrated when framing is being done. Plywood is produced from various tree species. It has a long lifespan if properly maintained. Fiberboard siding looks like natural wood and is economical. It is a popular choice nowadays. One variation is the wooden lap board look which has long, eye-catching horizontal lines. This one is more expensive but a much in demand siding choice.

If your budget is for the lower end log siding option, you have the hardboard lap. It is an inexpensive model which you find in many exterior walls of track homes. When it is about a regular horizontal pattern siding, choose the lap wood siding which has lap board pieces attached to each other or the clapboard which is also horizontally installed in an overlapping style. On the other side, wood planks are the versatile ones. They can be installed either vertically or horizontally. And finally, you can opt for a split log siding when your architectural structure has a cottage or log cabin style. Your options are still plenty of the other types and models of this siding technology.

For those who were serious about duplicating the log look, another product became available. Known as “half logs,” whole logs (usually turned to a specific diameter) were sawn down the middle leaving two halves. These certainly gave a full round log appearance and are still sold today. The only drawback is that it takes a forklift, crane or two men, and a boy to hold them up while someone else drives 20 penny spikes to hold them in place. There had to be a better way!

Although log homes have always been a part of our heritage, frame construction, because of its many advantages, dominates home construction today. So it was just a matter of time before someone came up with a believable substitute for solid logs that could be used with frame houses.

Some downside of wood siding is its susceptibility to insects and termite attacks. You need to see to it that it is aptly protected with termite treatment by pest control experts. It is also prone to warping and splitting which can also be prevented. In your log siding project, you have to look into all aspects including overall project cost including maintenance and contingency budget. It will be a worthy investment, and your dividends will come in higher property value as well as intangibles like pride, joy, and happiness with the splendid and elegant look of your home because of the gorgeous log siding installation.

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