Closed are all sorts of things that people perceive to be much easier than they actually are. When you’re watching a skier at the winter olympics go down a mountain it looks like skiing is quite easy, but when you get out on a mountain for the first time and find yourself going down it on your bottom you quickly realize that you’ve underestimated the activity. The same thing goes for all sorts of stuff, like teaching. Everybody thinks they could teach their kids parent than their teacher does, and some people even say as much at their parent teachers. Yet until you’ve been in a classroom with dozens of unruly children you really have no idea what it’s like to try to get them to sit still, let alone learn anything while they’re there. The point of all of this is simply to show that many activities and tasks are actually quite a bit more difficult than most people realize.

A great example of something that’s much more complicated than people imagine is online marketing. There are thousands of businesses across the US who don’t feel it’s necessary to hire a professional firm to handle their online marketing. They think that creating social media accounts and managing them and running advertisements online can’t possibly be that hard, so instead of outsourcing the work to pros they instead just hire someone in house to handle it. When their quarterly profits come in and they’re way behind schedule, in large part because of their less than mediocre online marketing strategy, it finally becomes clear to them that they may underestimated the difficult involved there.

The problem with online and digital marketing is that it’s always changing. Much like coding, it doesn’t matter what you knew two months ago but it instead matters what you know now. A great example to show this has to do with search engine optimization. In case you’re not familiar, search engine optimization is the art of producing content online that helps search engines find your business when people type various things into them. In other words, an effective SEO strategy is one that helps your company come up first on search engine result pages when people are looking for a company like yours. SEO in itself is actually quite complicated, but what makes it even more complicated is that search engines are constantly updating and changing their algorithm that looks across the web for relevant results. This means that even if you were the first result to pop up two weeks ago you might now be on the third or fourth page because your content doesn’t match up with their new algorithm in the right way.

SEO is just one example of how digital marketing is constantly changing and evolving, making it by far the most complicated form of marketing out there. If you want to make sure your online marketing is done right then you need to hire a professional firm like Newton Design and Marketing.

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