http://www.HighlandsAustralianlabradoodles.comAs with most everything these days, the science behind dog breeding has advanced rapidly over the last couple of decades. When you just read that sentence you likely wondered, “What kind of science?” You also likely are wondering if this means someone out there is breeding some mutant dog that never sheds and never has to use the bathroom. No, science is not meant in this instance to refer to the actual breeding of dogs, but instead it’s meant in terms of how people care for the dogs once they’re born. You should always make sure that you’re buying Labradoodle puppies, or any kind of dog for that matter, from a breeder that really understands the research behind dog breeding.

What kind of research and science do we exactly mean? Fortunately, over the past couple of decades people have come to know a great deal more about how dogs should be treated once they’re born. Back in the day, dogs were simply bred, they stayed with their mother for a few weeks, and then they were given to their owners. No one ever thought about how the dogs should be treated in those first few weeks because no one ever really cared. However, people began to realize that many of the dogs that people own aren’t that well behaved. Maybe they bite a family member one day when they get upset, or maybe they have all sorts of issues when they’re interacting with other dogs. People rightly assumed that there might be a better way to treat dogs once they were born to help them develop in the right way, and that’s where the research began.

Today, Labradoodle breeders, for instance, understand that Labradoodles need certain things in order to grow into a healthy and friendly animal. They need the right food to eat, and they need plenty of exercise to help them stay healthy. However, what breeders began to realize is that much like humans, dogs need ample time to socialize with one another and with people. This socialization brings with it all sorts of early neurological stimulation, and it’s that stimulation that helps the brain develop in the proper way. Without plenty of stimulation at an early age, the dogs don’t develop properly, and when you have a dog that hasn’t developed properly you start to run into trouble. Thus, your Labradoodle breeder must be socializing and interacting with their Labradoodle puppies as much as possible to ensure that their brains are being stimulated and they’re given the chance to develop in the proper manner.

Highlands Australian Cobberdogs is one of the few Labradoodle breeders out there that really understands this. In fact, on their website they have an entire section dedicated to the early neurological stimulation and socialization of the dogs they breed. They understand that in order to provide high-quality and friendly Labradoodles to their customers they have to socialize and stimulate the dogs basically as soon as they’re born. To learn more about their approach, check out their website at

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