One of the most amazing things about the human race is that despite the fact that there are over seven billion people on the planet, no two people are the same. Not only are no two people the same in terms of their personality and their general outlook on life, but no two people are the same physically. Their fingerprints are different, their hair colors are slightly different, and the way their bodies are made up are different. When you think about how many people have lived in the world and that no two people’s fingerprints have been the same, it’s truly incredible.

One other thing that no two people have in common is their eyes. Sure, some people might have the same color of eyes or the same layout, but no two people will have the same features on their eyes, particularly their cataracts. This is something the best cataract surgery experts know all too well. They know that when a patient comes into their office and wants to have Lasik surgery performed to repair their vision that the surgeon is going to have to create a unique map of their eye to ensure that the surgery is successful. understand this point better it’s good to have a basic understanding of how cataract surgery works. In it’s simplest form, cataract surgery is the practice of using lasers to remove cataracts from a person’s eyes. When the cataracts have been fully removed the person’s vision is restored to them, and they no longer have to wear contacts or glasses. Given how successful this particular surgery is and how many people have had it, as well as what it actually does, it’s not hard to see why so many Americans choose to have the surgery done each year. However, the reason that the surgery is so successful is because of how great the surgeons are who perform the surgery. Let’s look at the Eye Center of Texas as an example. This clinic has performed more than 70,000 successful surgeries since they opened for business, and the reason they’ve been so successful is because they have a clear understanding of how people’s eyes are different. They know that no two people will have the same number of cataracts of the same size and in the same places. Thus, they know that they have to use the best technology available to map the person’s eye to determine exactly where the cataracts are. Once they have the unique layout of the person’s eye determined then they can perform their surgery.

Making all of this possible is the great technology that’s out there these days. Eye Center of Texas uses the LenSx Laser to map the person’s eye so they know exactly where the cataracts are and how they can best be removed. All of the best Lasik centers use this kind of equipment to ensure that the procedure goes as smoothly as possible. To learn more about the Eye Center of Texas, visit their website at

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