The Best Materials for Baby Wraps

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solly babyWhen it comes to having a child, you need the best of everything. Having quality equipment and tool to help you throughout the days can be beneficial and can make each day easier. This is where items like a baby wrap can come in handy. Baby wraps are especially useful when it comes to transporting children, and they can allow you to go about your daily tasks with hands free while still carrying your baby. If you are looking for the best way to carry your child, a wrap is something to consider. But there are many wrap options out there, so what can these wraps be made of? We have some the answers below.

Natural Fabrics

Most parents choose to use some kind of natural fabric, like cotton, linen, or hemp for the wraps. This is because they are tightly woven fabrics that still allow copious amounts of light and air. You want the wrap to be able to breathe so that it does not get stuffy and the baby does not overheat. Linen, it is important to note, does not move around or allow for much bounce, so you need to wrap the child carefully since there will not be much give. This is easier with cotton, but cotton is a bit softer so if you really want sturdiness linen is the right choice. Hemp, too makes it easy to carry a baby, especially on your back, without having to worry about them shifting around.


This is another great option when it comes to choosing a baby wrap. This fabric can come quilted or unquilted, depending on what you prefer. This fabric is cotton that is loosely woven, allowing the fabric to breathe so that your child stays dry and cool. It is important to know that this fabric tends to shrink when washed, so you might need to have extras. It can be dyed any color you prefer or it can be left in its gorgeous creamy natural state.

Jacquard and Damask

This is a great option not only because the fabric is very sturdy, but because it is also beautiful. Jacquard and damask come in intricate patterns of all kinds that will add style to your outfit as you wear it. These fabrics do not have a wrong side, so you can alternate sides as you need without having to worry at all. Be sure that the fabric is not a polyester blend, since this will overheat the baby.

All of these options are great. It is important to stay away from polyester and other synthetic materials, since they can get too hot and can allow the baby to start sweating and to get wet. You do no want thins. You want fabric that will allow your child to feel at ease at all times. At Solly Baby, you can find the perfect wraps made of the best materials, including linen, cotton, hemp, damask, and jacquard. Take the time to choose a great fabric for your child.



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