custom engagement rings

If you are the proud owner of a diamond engagement ring, you know that it is one of your most prized possessions. If something happened to it, you would be devastated, so it is crucial that you do everything in your power to take care of it. In theory, it would be ideal if a ring would just stay on your finger with no reason to take it off, but that is not always the reality of the situation. For many women, they prefer to remove their ring when doing household chores like dishes or gardening. Some take their ring off when working out. Others take their rings off when sleeping or even washing their hands. With so many ways to lose or damage your ring, here are a few ways you can take care of your ring to ensure it’s longevity.

  1. Try to limit when you take it off- Sure, you don’t want to get it dirty as you garden, but try not to take it off when you are in a public bathroom and washing your hands. As much as you may want to, there is always a chance you will drop it or leave it by accident, which is a foolproof way to get it stolen. Try to keep it on your finger as much as possible.
  2. Let a professional clean it- You have probably seen a bunch of articles online or on Pinterest on cleaning your ring at home, but some of these methods could actually be harmful and damaging to your ring. Instead, take your ring to a Denver jeweler to ensure it is treated with the utmost care and cleaned correctly. This will increase the lifetime of your ring and make sure it does not get any premature damage or staining.
  3. Keep an eye on the size- If you lose or gain weight and find that your ring just is not fitting like it used to, get it resized as soon as possible. If you do not, you run the risk of it either being too tight and cutting off your circulation and getting damaged, or too loose and falling off and getting lost. Both of these options are not ideal.
  4. Insure your ring- In case you do end up losing or damaging your ring, it is so important to have your ring insured so that you are able to replace it or get the money back. Custom engagement rings are far too big of an expense to risk not getting them insured. Ring insurance is only a small expense compared to what it would cost to completely replace a custom engagement ring.

Rings are one of the most prized possessions a woman will own in her lifetime so they must be taken care of at all times. Rings, though valuable, do not have to be hidden for fear of damaging them, but should be shown off and worn proudly. You must, however, keep their care in mind so your ring can have longevity over the years.

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