Metal construction workers across the world rejoiced the day the seamless gutter machine was invented. Before diving into why that was so, it’s first important to explain exactly what a seamless gutter machine is. To put it simply, it’s a gutter machine that allows a person to make gutters of any length. What the user does is load a coil of metal into one side of the machine, typically aluminum or copper, and then the machine bends that coil of metal and forms it into a gutter. The great thing about the seamless gutter machine is that it can create gutters of virtually any length. If the coil of aluminum that you load into the machine is 100 feet long, then you’re going to have a 100-foot gutter. Now that you know what the seamless gutter machine is, here are the four reasons why it’s such a great invention. No More Piecing Together Gutter Pieces. Before the seamless gutter machine came into existence metal construction workers had to piece together numerous pieces of gutter to get a gutter of the right length. For instance, if they were working on a home with a 32-foot side, they had to piece together three 10-foot pieces and then cut another piece to two feet just to get a gutter of the right size. With the seamless gutter machine, that’s no longer an issue. You simply run the machine until you have a gutter that’s 32 feet long, turn it off, and hang the gutter on the home.

2. Less Waste. When you’re using a seamless gutter machine you’re creating far less waste because you’re only creating as many gutters as you actually need. You won’t have leftovers, and the leftover coil you have can just be used on another job down the road.

3. Saves Money. The great thing about seamless gutter machines is that they save you money. It’s much less expensive to purchase aluminum coil than it is to buy prefabricated gutters. It’s like the difference between cooking for yourself or eating out. Over the long term it’s going to save you a significant amount of money.

4. Much More Efficient. Finally, using a seamless gutter machine is a much more efficient way to create gutters. Rather than having to place an order and then waiting for your gutters to show up, now you can simply create the gutters you need when you need them on the job site. It’s a much more efficient way to work, and it allows construction companies to get much more work done in a given day.

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