The medical weight loss business is booming for a reason – because it is working.  Medical weight loss is not like other diet plans or workout trends that you see on television.  The difference is that medical weight loss uses important aspects from science and body chemistry to help each person develop a weight loss plan that will work for them.  That hormone replacement therapymeans a completely customized diet, exercise, health management, and supplement plan all just for each individual.  Many blanket diets tend to work for just a few people and leave the rest feeling like failures and that is not the case.  They do not work for everyone because all of our bodies are so unique.  Many different factors account for our weights; it is not as simple as eating and moving around.  Medical conditions like hormonal imbalances, autoimmune disorders, thyroid disease, heart disease, and diabetes can significantly influence our weight and we have no control over it.  Also, certain medications can wreak havoc on our weight maintenance and we just struggle to keep it in check.

All of these things and more can have an effect on our weight.  Therefore, it is not fair to assume that any given diet, just because it worked wonders for one person, will have the same great results with another.  At Natural Bio Health you can have your cake and eat it too.  Really!  They will build a medical team specifically for you and your goals.  At your first visit you will be put through a series of medical tests to determine your starting point.  This will also rule out any of those medical conditions listed above that might be making weight loss difficult.  If you do have an underlying or undiagnosed issue that will need to be addressed first.  It is definitely not healthy to undergo any sort of diet if you have a health issue that is not controlled.  Once that happens, then you can come back to revisit your medical weight loss plan.

If all else looks good from your tests, the medical team will sit down with you to review your results and begin to build a weight loss plan.  It will be tailored to your body chemistry and body type, as well as some of your likes and dislikes.  You will also meet with a nutritionist to set out a plan for some big changes.  They won’t just give you a plan to stick to, though.  They will teach you how to make the best choices in the store and at restaurants.  When you have few options they will give you some tips to stay on track.  Cooking classes might even be in order!  The point is, they also will help guide you through what will actually work for you.  All in all, the medical team will use your endocrinology as the basic building block for the weight loss plan that is actually going to work for you.  Visit Natural Bio Health today to see where the medical team can take you!

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