Why is Thai food takeout so popular among vegans?

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Thai food takeout

There are certain types of foods that seem to be especially popular with different groups of people. Many times, it is a regional thing and people tend to like the food they were raised on. For example, BBQ and soul food has large ties to southern communities, while seafood is popular in the northeast. Those raised in southwestern states like Texas and New Mexico, might have an affinity for Mexican food. But what about when a community is not based in a certain region? Veganism is a movement that has spread across the world and though it has been around for centuries, it is now becoming more popular in America.

Vegans do not believe in consuming any animal product. This means eating, wearing, using or buying in general. Leather goods aren’t supported by the vegan community, nor are any animal byproducts like milk, honey, cheese and eggs.

If you know any vegans, you know that they are always very well researched in what they can and cannot eat, particularly when going to a restaurant to eat. While there are many vegan restaurants, the reality is, there may be many times in a vegan’s life where they will end up at a non-vegan restaurant.

When vegan restaurants are not an option, you may often hear vegans suggest Thai restaurants. Thai food takeout is a particularly good choice for vegans because so much of the menu can easily be made vegan. In fact, a large portion of items on Thai menus are vegetarian, meaning only a few, if any, tweaks will need to be made.

A few items and adjustments to be on the lookout for in order to make Thai food vegan-friendly are:

  • Eggs: Some popular dishes like Pad Thai have scrambled eggs mixed in with the noodles. Make sure to ask for this dish without eggs
  • Fish sauce: There are a few items on Thai menus, such as the soups, that may contain fish sauce, which is made with fermented fish. Some dishes may be able to eliminate it, while others may be off-limits for vegans
  • Stocks: While many soups on a Thai food delivery menu are made with vegetable stock, some may use chicken or shrimp stock. Be sure to check with the restaurant before ordering.
  • Curries: Generally creamy curries are made creamy from vegan friendly coconut milk, but it’s always good to check if there is any additional dairy cream added for richness.
  • Butter: Butter is not extremely common in Thai cooking, but it is worth asking if any of the vegetables or tofu are cooked in butter before ordering.

As you can see, vegans have so many options as Thai restaurants. Filling Thai dishes are chock full of organic vegetables, especially places like Aloy Modern Thai, who prioritize organic ingredients in their dishes. Organic food is also important to vegans who like to keep their food intake as simple and wholesome as possible. Knowing their food comes from healthy sources free from pesticides and preservatives makes the food much more desirable to them.

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