In just the last three years there have been over thirty new medical marijuana dispensary centers opened in this state, and there are plans for another fifteen facilities to be built during the coming year. Not only have the number of dispensaries gone way up in recent ties, the amount of cannabis which the facilities produce has also been on the rise. Dispensaries which once produced a quarter ton of cannabis now produce more than five tons a year. So, why is there so much demand right now on the cannabis dispensaries, and why is it so vital that they remain able to meet that demand­­? Below we will look into the important of medical cannabis dispensaries today.

First off all, this country is one of the world´s leaders in cannabis production and innovation, and we not only produce cannabis for our own country but for dozens of other countries all across the world. There are many places which don’t have the facilities to grow their own medical cannabis, or where there are still some grey areas of the law which keep them from doing so, meaning that the USA as to provide the cannabis they need for their sick people. Large dispensary facilities like,, ship ten tons of cannabis tom over thirty different countries annually, countries which depend on the dispensary for their cannabis needs, and whose citizen would otherwise be left without their medical marijuana. As the international medical establishment starts to rely more and more on cannabis in order to treat illnesses of all kinds, the USA will have to step up its cannabis production in order to meet the need. It is very likely that in the future the United States will have to start lending cannabis experts to other nations in order to help them get their own production programs started. There is just no way that our country will be able to forever meet the huge demand which our medical cannabis distribution centers are currently fulfilling.

Cannabis distribution centers are growing in importance also due to the fact that the country is moving away from traditional medications. The vast majority of people in this country today are painfully aware of the fact that we have become a nation which pops pills for every problem we have. The dependency on prescription drugs of all kinds is a major concern not only for patients, but also for doctors. New studies appear each year which link the use of certain drugs with additional illnesses of both the body and mind, not to mention the addiction crisis which is sweeping across the nation. The public has started to turn away from traditional prescription drugs, and started seeking new alternatives for their health issues. Cannabis has become the number one leading alternative medicine in the country today, with almost fifty million people currently using cannabis for medical reasons. The country´s cannabis dispensaries will have to step up production in order to allow people to continue making the switch to cannabis from prescription drugs.

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