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Late last year, a local UA testing facility, began offering a basic urinalysis test for just ten dollars. There was a great deal of attention involving this clinic’s move to a new price range, and not long afterwards many other UA testing facilities followed the example set by Gulfstream Diagnostics, and began offering ten dollar UA tests as well. The price of UA tests has been going down for years now, and the test which once could only be afforded by a select number of companies is now something which any company or individual can afford to have done. In this article we are going to look at the two main reasons why UA testing has gotten so affordable.

The primary cause for the lower cost of UA testing today is due to the many developments in technology concerning the process of UA testing. In the 60’s a basic toxicology testing took an analysis professional around an hour to do. Today’s toxicology report can be done in as little as five minutes, and the range of what can be detected is far greater now. UA tests are cheaper because a UA testing facility can perform thousands more tests in far less time than they could in the past. Another development in technology relating to UA testing has been the elimination of the need for expensive chemicals which were required for most tests in the past. A UA test in the past relied far less on highly advanced machines to perform the analysis, as they did on chemicals which were added to the samples producing different reactions if certain substances were present. The lab cost for the modern UA test is very low today, and few chemicals are required in the toxicology detection process.

The second principal reason for the lowered cost of a UA test is the simple fact that the tests have become so widely used. Nearly every major company in the country today requires UA testing when a new employee is hired, and throughout the length of the employee’s time within the company. Likewise, almost all government jobs require UA testing for their employees as well. Add to that the millions of people who undergo regular UA testing because they are involved in the justice system, and private schools and other such institutions which also rely on UA tests, and you have a massive demand for UA testing. By some estimates, there are around fifteen million UA tests performed each year, and that number might actually be considerably higher when one takes into consideration the many tests which are not reported because of privacy laws. When an industry becomes a staple in the country, its cost has to go down in order to keep up with the public’s need. In the past there were only a few dozen major UA testing facilities in the country, whereas today there are thousands of them. If a UA testing company wants to stay in business, they have to offer extremely competitive prices to their clients. The huge number of UA tests being done is a primary factor for the lowered cost of the tests today.

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